Things People With Anxiety Never Ever Want To Hear

Things People With Anxiety

Hello loves, ❤

Having a god support system is VITAL when dealing with anxiety, these people are your back bone. These people are the shelter from your storm 🙂 Make sure you choose your support system wisely.

Notice that the below are RED FLAGS for a bad support system & people that say:


1. Are you ok?

No. To be completely honest no. And you can not fix that so do not ask if I am ok because the answer is no. When an anxiety attack sets in, or a bad day hits, nothing can make you feel okay and what makes it worse is when someone who has no experience to what is going on thinks they can make you ok. Thank you for trying, that is so kind but you can not make me ok. Only I can and it is a lot harder then you will ever know.

2. Just take your pill.

As if the medication is a quick fix. Did you know it takes at least two weeks for a medication to kick in and if suffering from anxiety, it usually takes longer. And even when the medication does kick in, it;s not a fix.

Anxiety medication is simply a relief but not a total stop. If anxiety medication just stopped anxiety in total I think more people would be on it. However, it is not. It maintains the issue but does not fix it. Anxiety is not something that can be fixed. It is not a broken car part. It is part of our brain, body, and everyday life.

3. Just ignore it.

HAHA. Like that is even possible. Anxiety makes us see that little spot on our jeans or that little tear in our school paper and makes unable to ignore it. I don’t know about you, but ignoring it is not an option. If ignoring the voice in our heads was on option, I think we would ignore it.

4. Stay calm.

I genuinely think if someone says these two words to me they deserved to be slapped across the face. Staying calm is not possible when your heart is racing or you can not catch your breath.

We are way past staying calm at this point. Hearing these two words is like nails on the chalkboard. Staying calm is just not going to happen.

5. You are fine.

You certainly are not fine and you never will be. Every day is hard and people do not give you enough credit for that. You deserve credit for getting out of bed and doing a daily task that drives you nuts. You also deserve credit for not being able to leave your bed. For knowing yourself so well that you know if you take on the day you will physically and mentally break done.

People with anxiety are far from fine, but they know themselves better than anyone. People with anxiety are forced to trust their gut… something “normal” people fail to do. People with anxiety do not conform.

You are not fine and you never will be, but you will handle it and that is something you should be so proud of.

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely day ❤

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20 thoughts on “Things People With Anxiety Never Ever Want To Hear”

  1. Love it. Your post was timely as I just experienced someone asking me Are You OK in subject line of a broadcast e-mail that really annoyed me. No more self-doubt, second-guessing if there is something wrong w/me for being irritated with such queries. Trusting the gut — knowing when I am NOT fine is also important. Lately, I am a believer in short power-naps. Also, pills do NOT “get rid of” anxiety. Pills are simply a bandaid to avoid a deeper dive into curiosity about whatever is troubling a person.

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  2. This whole post is so accurate. I’m so thankful to have a good support system. My GP, my psychologist, my wonderful boyfriend and my stepmother. I have other friends and family who care, but don’t know how to respond to my anxiety and depression in the patient way that my main support system do.
    I could not have got through some of the roughest parts of my life without them. Not healthily, anyway.

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  3. Great post and number 4 is heaven sent! Yes! Stay calm – I would if I could! Some people – those not suffering from anxiety and care not to know of it, are ignorant, plain and simple! Another great one 😊🙏🏽

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